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Scale your Talent Acquisition function into a world-class operation. By understanding your target talent pool, we create compelling content to attract a natural inflow of candidates with Pipelabs framework. Optimize success with our expert guidance at every step from awareness to signed contracts.

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Cost-Center to Growth Enabler

Pioneer is at the forefront of shaping the future of Talent Acquisition. We set a new standard in the Talent Acquisition industry by aligning your growth with the plan, optimize productivity, efficiency, and value even in challenging times.

Tailored and Scalable Solutions

Pioneer is designed for organizations of all sizes and maturity levels. Whether you're entering new markets, seeking venture capital-fueled growth, reliant on external recruiters, or have an internal TA team, Pioneer equips you to independently manage your people's growth.

The Pipelabs framework

By implementing the Pipelabs framework, you can create a natural inflow and processing of candidates eager to work with your organization.

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01. Research

Starts with Blueprint to map what already is in place.

02. Project

Then moves into a project phase where each framework subcategory is covered and implemented, including a plan on how to use content to generate demand.

03. Result

Your organization acquires the capability to handle its people’s growth independently.

World-class Talent Acquisition

Make your Talent Acquisition efforts world-class through demand generation, process automation, and a novel tech stack that increases engagement and decreases costs.

Hire the right people, at right pace, at a foreseeable cost

Remove obstacles to your company’s growth. Acquire the capability to handle your people’s growth independently.

More automation, less costs, and better candidates

Create your Talent Acquisition engine based on the Pipelabs framework.


From 1200 SEK/ hour

Fixed project pricing is available.


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