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Supercharge your Talent Acquisition with the help of our consultants. Tailor projects that remove growth pain, ensure efficiency, achieve cost savings and create empowered teams for sustainable success and increased long-term capabilities.

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Tailored Solutions

Pipelabs Advisory offers solutions that tackle your organization's unique challenges in Talent Acquisition. Our consultants are committed to raising your organization's capability and creating the structures and systems necessary for you to outperform within Talent Acquisition.

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Flexible Consultancy

Billed per hour or project. This format is designed to help your with your isolated or limited-scope projects. Whether you're just starting to invest in your TA capabilities or have already invested and want to start bite-sized.

The Pipelabs Framework

All our projects are based on our framework, ensuring a consistent and effective approach to improving your TA capabilities.

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01. Research

As easy as it gets. Describe what you need help with, and one of the consultants will help you with that.

02. Design

Empowered by the Pipelabs Framework, we deep dive into any area of how to attract, how to select, or how to ensure optimal performance of your TA function.

03. Result

We equip your organization with the necessary tools and strategies to handle the ever-changing landscape of Talent Acquisition and recruitment.

Tailored Talent Acquisition Strategy

Craft a bespoke Talent Acquisition strategy that fits your organization like a glove. Our consultants will help you reduce costs and minimize dependencies.

Enhanced Recruitment Efficiency

Transform your recruitment process into a well-oiled machine. Our consultants will help you enhance your existing practices, improving efficiency and maximizing outcomes.

Long-Term Talent Acquisition Capabilities

Pipelabs is your partner in building a robust Talent Acquisition function. Our consultants will work with you to upskill your team and increase your long-term capabilities in TA, setting you up for sustainable success.


100K SEK

For organizations of 0-50 employees. Variable pricing of 1200 SEK/hour.


200K SEK

For organizations of 51-250 employees. Variable pricing of 1200 SEK/hour.


500K SEK

For organizations of 250-1000 employees. Variable pricing of 1200 SEK/hour.



For organizations of 1000+ employees. Variable pricing of 1200 SEK/hour.


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