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The Talent Acquisition Experts

Audit and Advisory services for companies that want to enhance their internal capabilities in TA.

Supported by a framework, we remove blockers and deliver on targets.


We grow with your organization and help you succeed over time.

Modern approach and methods

Use best-practice methods supported by modern tech for outstanding quality.

Talent Acquisition made simple, predictable, and cost effective

Our framework

The Pipelabs Framework is designed to create full understanding and transparency in which efforts are needed where and most importantly: by whom. Talent Acquisition is no longer a game in which the generalists win but rather a set of processes that requires specialists.


Engaging relevant candidates is the first step of any recruitment process. The “how” is what’s hard which is why we are here to help.


Selecting the right hire is tricky but using modern tools and scientifically proven methods makes the process more predictable.


Maintaining control over the process, the project and costs are fundamentals for sustainable success and we know how.

Get to know us

Why Pipelabs?

Simply the better way to work with Talent Acquisition.

Pipelabs knows how to engage relevant candidates, can help you select the right hire, and will enable your full control of the process.

  • Get actionable insights through Blueprint
  • Bespoke projects with Advisory
  • Increased control and tailored processes with Pioneer

Access to World-class Talent Acquisition

Pipelabs revolutionizes Talent Acquisition by enabling sufficient pipelining, designing effective selection processes, and optimizing candidate evaluation. We provide world-class TA services while maintaining operational control and cost efficiency.

Less talk. More results.

Using the Pipelabs framework, we analyze your hiring needs, volume requirements, and speed targets to deliver tailored solutions—partner with Pipelabs to transform your Talent Acquisition function and secure top talent in a competitive market.

We’re setting a new standard for Talent Acquisition. Pipelabs knows how to engage relevant candidates, select the right hire, and enable full process control.

About Pipelabs

Founded in 2022, by Per Tjernberg and Daniel Dudek, Pipelabs offers services towards the Talent Acquisition (TA) space. The company was founded as a response to insights about how TA departments can become more efficient, achieve high quality delivery at scale while maintaining cost control. The end goal is always to improve the TA department, and help the client to reach their hiring goals in a more cost-efficient and data-driven way. With experience in building, running, and developing TA departments and together with our partners, we are confident that we can deliver The Talent Acquisition Engine.

Meet The Core Team


Book a 30 minute consultation with one of our founders to learn more about:

  • How Pipelabs works and how we can help you reach your hiring targets
  • The benefits of working with Pipelabs and specialists over traditional solutions
  • How we can work together with your current in-house team
  • Our subscription-based solution