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Unleash powerful and actionable insights that boost efficiency and cut costs. Unlock your Talent Acquisition potential and hidden opportunities, take your first step to build a high-performing Talent Acquisition function.

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Uncover TA Potential

A systematic walk-through based on the Pipelabs framework gives you insights into how you attract, approach, process, assess and keep in touch with the people you would like to hire. Delivered as a report with recommendations.

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Strategic insights and Roadmap

After the in-detail presentation of Blueprint, key stakeholders will have a clear view of the current state of the TA function and its delivery capacity. Paired with a gap analysis, we make it possible to identify, solve, or restructure the challenges isolated as one-off projects to be up to par with business demand.

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Build a high-performing Talent Acquisition function

The report is detailed and broken down on the process and KPI levels, which allows for process improvement and makes it easy to measure the effect of initiatives. Having performed a Blueprint gives the company a great starting point for creating a sustainable TA Strategy.

The Pipelabs Blueprint

By using the framework, we can evaluate performance, perform a gap analysis and bring insights needed to greatly improve the workflow in the TA function.

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01. Research

We populate the Pipelabs Framework with data in collaboration with your organization through access to different systems, spreadsheets, and interviews with key stakeholders.

02. Analysis

When the framework is populated, the analysis phase begins. Pipelabs goes through each sub-category of Pipelining, Selection, and Control, compares to best practices, and documents recommendations.

03. Report

Complied as a report, we present the findings to your key stakeholders with recommendations for improvement. These can be implemented internally by the TA function or externally with a vendor of your choice.

Main Areas Covered


  • Talent Profiles
  • Talent Intelligence
  • Talent Sourcing
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Employer branding
  • Talent Relations
  • Diversity & Inclusion


  • Assessment
  • Interviews
  • Bias Awareness
  • Tests
  • Feedback


  • TA Tech
  • KPIs
  • Processes
  • RACI Matrices
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Data & Analytics
  • Workforce Planning



For organizations of 0-50 employees



For organizations of 51-150 employees



120K SEK

For organizations of 151-400 employees



200K SEK

For organizations of 400 -1000 employees




For organizations of 1000+ employees



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