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The Pipelabs Framework


Making sure that relevant candidates are engaged in your recruitment processes is mission critical and the tools needed are many.

Engage relevant candidates

Pipelining relevant candidates are one of the hardest parts of building a high-performing Talent Acquisition function. The competition for high-performers within many fields is higher than ever and all signs point to it becoming even more cutthroat in the coming years.

Writing great copy, adding content, and making sure it gets in front of talent is one part of the solution. Having a well-thought-out and functional sourcing strategy is another. But sources of relevant candidates can be so much more.

Engaging passive talent is crucial to successfully having a Talent Acquisition Engine. Further adding to the complexities that need to be navigated are diversity & inclusion and working with bias awareness. Events, referral programs, Talent Relations, and basing your assumptions on Talent Intelligence is a key factors in having a high-performing Pipelining in your Talent Acquisition team.

A distinction must be made as to what constitutes a candidate. Pipelabs works with the definition of Qualified, Interested and Available.

01. Qualified

Has the individual the necessary skills and experience needed for the role in question?

02. Interested

Is the individual available for a new position or are they only looking around? A candidate cannot be viewed as a candidate before the interest in the position for your company can be validated.

03. Available

Is the candidate available for employment given the restrictions put on the position? These could be factors such as salary levels, geography, timing or other necessities for the role.