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Join Pipelabs and Cinode for an enlightening webinar where we merge skills management and workforce planning to boost organizational awareness of existing skills, reduce costs, and maintain control while onboarding new talent.

In this webinar, Mattias Loxi (Co-Founder at Cinode) and Per Tjernberg will also showcase a live demo of Cinode’s Skills Management Platform and demonstrate how ChatGPT can facilitate actionable workforce planning.

Here are our highlights from the webinar:

  1. We often underestimate the compounding costs resulting from reactive hiring practices, which impact the overall recruitment cost.

  2. Reactivity fosters undesirable behaviors in the recruitment process, leading to increased costs and compromised quality.

  3. Implementing basic workforce planning can reduce reactivity and associated costs, even when executed swiftly. Complexity is not mandatory to observe the significant impact.

  4. The most efficient approach to gain insights into future hiring needs within the next 12 months is analyzing past hiring trends. You are good to go by supplementing them with market insights and attrition data.