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Stockholm, Sweden – April 15, 2024 – 

Pipelabs, a consulting firm specializing in recruitment strategy and Recruitment Operations (RecOps), announces today an expanded partnership with Grooo, a consulting firm specializing in building modern operative recruitment in-house for clients.

The partnership includes an ownership stake in Grooo for Pipelabs.

Partnership with Grooo

Grooo and Pipelabs began their collaboration in the summer of 2023. The collaboration has now been formalized into a partnership and ownership. Pipelabs is acquiring a 20% stake in Grooo.

“Partnering with Pipelabs gives us access to their unique recruitment strategy and framework, which strengthens our offering to clients,” says Alex Tidgård, CEO of Grooo. “In addition, it gives us the ability to work together in different projects which increases our flexibility and capacity.”

Benefits of the Partnership

The partnership between Grooo and Pipelabs creates a unique opportunity to take on any recruitment assignment based on the needs and desires of clients. The two companies can collaborate to offer clients a seamless and efficient recruitment process regardless of focus or scale.

“Together, we can offer clients a more comprehensive and flexible recruitment solution,” says Per Tjernberg, CEO of Pipelabs. “Pipelabs can help clients from a strategic and tactical perspective, and with the operational strength of Grooo’s skilled TA consultants, we have a very powerful offering together.”

Future Plans

In the short term, Grooo and Pipelabs will focus on integrating their respective businesses and establishing a common strategy. All to offer clients even more innovative and effective recruitment solutions.

“We are convinced that this partnership will be of great benefit to our clients and our employees,” says Alex Tidgård. “We look forward to an exciting future together.”


Alex Tidgård, CEO, Grooo

[email protected]

+46 76 865 80 35

Per Tjernberg, CEO, Pipelabs

[email protected]

+46 73 805 44 48